Space Centre Visit by Aliyah

On Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th of June, we went to the National Space Centre in Leicester, after learning about Space in our Physics lessons. After the long journey, we first put our bags away and headed to the Challenger Learning Centre, to go on a voyage to Mars! We had already applied for our ‘jobs’, which included Navigation crew, Life Support crew and Communication officer. We were split into two groups, and had to use problem solving and initiative to solve the dilemmas that came up. Half of us were on the rocket doing the mission, while the other half were in the mission control centre, and then we swapped roles.

After that, we had a break and ate lunch. We then went inside the planetarium, which was incredible – the film was called ‘Astronaut’ and we learnt about the process of becoming an astronaut. Next, we looked around the exhibitions; some of us climbed the seemingly infinite stairs to the top of the rocket tower. Towards the end, we looked inside the gift shop. There was even some special space ice cream, which some were brave enough to try! It was an incredibly fun day-out; we experienced a space mission first-hand, learned a lot about the job of an astronaut, and had a fantastic time!

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