Extreme Physics 2015: Final day

The final day was mostly about the presentations, but the Extreme team still squeezed in an alien mass challenge for the students and a CPD on using neodymium magnets for the teachers (to keep them out of trouble and stop them cheating).

Then it was a race against time to get the journals finished and handed in so the the Extreme team had time to mark all 43 of them while the students finished preparations for their presentations.

The KEHS team had been given the topic: potential difference.  They decided to use Miss Platt’s shopping analogy, a bird on a wire and a live circuit demo which of course didn’t work.  All of the teachers in the room felt huge sympathy for the girls as they have all had demos fail in of a class; there is reason why we say ‘if it moves it’s Biology, if it smells it’s Chemistry and if it doesn’t work it’s Physics’!

Despite this setback, the team did well enough in their challenges combined with the marks from their journals and presentations to come in third place overall.  Well done Connie, Ikpreet, Maria and Cerian.

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