Extreme Physics 2015: Day 2

Day 2 started with the girls making as tall a tower as possible that would support a Cadbury’s crème egg and finished with the construction of a scale model of an exoplanetary system complete with it’s Goldilocks zone (and three bears).  In between they went to Milton Keynes to tackle an indoor climbing wall and ‘skydive’ in the Airkix vertical wind tunnel.  Back in Rugby the girls made catapults to fire plasticine into cardboard castles that were carefully and creatively made by the teachers; sadly our team did not do well despite containing a Living Historian who should know about trebuchets!  By contrast Mrs Hall’s team won the teachers’ trebuchet challenge, showing the students how it should be done.  After supper they listened to an inspiring lecture from Robin Mobbs of the National Space Academy which finished with a dash outside to watch a flyover of the International Space Station.  All in all a fun-filled day, only slightly marred by dropping to second on the leaderboard.  Let’s hope that their presentations and journals enable them to rack up enough points to come out on top!

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