My Visit to Amsterdam – By Lily Gain

My visit to Amsterdam was a truly unforgettable experience. I still keep in touch with my exchange, Kim, who was very caring and considerate and I am very grateful to her and her family for letting me stay the week with them. My highlight with them was when we had a special Dutch meal on my last night where you have a hot plate on the table and you cook raw meat on it (and make your own pancakes for pudding!) Not only am I still in touch with Kim but also with many other people from Holland, France and Italy which is why I think the project was very successful and I would definitely recommend this trip.

I found it particularly interesting when we learnt about how Amsterdam stops the water levels from flooding the land due to most of the land being under sea level. The way they do this is to build dams and dykes. When we went to the wind mill on our last day we saw a dyke and it was a peculiar experience as it was above us. When we arrived at the mill it wasn’t that windy but the owner who actually lived inside the mill managed to make it turn for us. I thoroughly enjoyed the city walks and looking at the landscapes of Amsterdam which is very different to Birmingham. You could describe the shops as being in a terrace format because they are all joined together in long lines. On every building there was a hook which they still use today to lift items into them that might be difficult to bring into the building by hand.

I am very grateful to Dr Tedd for organising the trip and I can honestly say everyone including me are still talking about the wonderful memories we have brought back with us.

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