My Comenius Trip to Amsterdam – By Taran Sanghera

When we first set off I was really excited (and nervous) about meeting my exchange, Diana. We reached the airport and we waited for the French and Italians. After they arrived, we went to the OSB school and attended the opening ceremony. After this, we went home with our families. I settled in very well with my family. On the first day it was Diana’s birthday, so we had a special Indonesian dinner.

The next day I got to experience the transport in Amsterdam which is much cleaner and more efficient than in Birmingham. When we arrived at the school we had a talk on the old city of Amsterdam, at around lunchtime we set off, out of the classroom and into the city. We saw many things such as the canal system and the oldest buildings in Amsterdam. We then visited the Amsterdam Shipping Museum. On returning to school we had a pancake party where we got to make and eat pancakes.

During the evening a couple of the exchanges who lived near each other decided to have a surprise party for us where we had food and fun. We later went out to a park and looked around the neighbourhood they lived in. We went home and straight to bed as it would be another early morning.

On the next day, we had a talk on the new city of Amsterdam and on the Golden Age of the Netherlands. Then, like the previous day, we set out to see the new city of Amsterdam. We saw the new canal system and then visited the Rijksmuseum which was full of masterpieces by van Gogh and Monet.

As it was our last night, our exchanges decided to take us into town to shop. It was great fun and we came across a famous Dutch actor. Afterwards we went to the Biljmer football stadium to see the Amsterdam and Barcelona match. We did not go inside the stadium, but watched it on the big screen outside.It was very different as the Dutch fans were very raucous. I then went back to my exchange’s house and spent some time with the family.

On the last day I was very sad to leave, but enjoyed the tour of the outskirts of Amsterdam and the windmills. My favourite part of the Amsterdam visit was the third day, although it was very tiring.

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