Comenius Trip to Amsterdam – By Natalie Singhal

On the 3rd November, fourteen of us, along with Dr Tedd, Miss Plant and Miss Dyke, set off for Amsterdam. Tired as most of us were, everyone was excited, both to see a new country and meet a lot of new people. It wasn’t a long before we reached the school, where we all got to meet our hosts for the week. We also met the Italian and French students.

The first evening was spent getting to know our host families, and learning what we could about the city, whilst trying to get a good night’s sleep so that we would have plenty of energy for the following days! I cycled to and from school with my exchange partner, so at least the cold air could help wake me up from some of the later nights. Over the four days, we visited various museums and walked around the streets of Amsterdam, and got to know some of the other students. We became very close and were all quite upset to leave on the Thursday, after what had felt like a very quick few days.

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