Comenius trip to Amsterdam – By Manvir Dobb

On October 3rd-6th, 14 girls from the L5th and U4th as well as Dr Tedd, Miss Dyke and Miss Plant went to Amsterdam as part of the Comenius project! When we arrived in Amsterdam we went to the Dutch school, OSB, where we met our Dutch hosts as well as Italians and French people. Everyone was so nice to each other and we made friends very quickly. We usually had a work shop during the morning where we learnt about the structure of the city and why it was it set out the way it was; after that we had to navigate our way through the city centre where would meet everyone at a museum which we would look around. We saw many canals and famous buildings. We managed to fit in quite a lot during our short stay and even though it was tiring, it was extremely enjoyable! It was sad to say good bye because we had become so attached to our hosts and other people in such a short amount of time. The only thing you don’t like about the trip is having to leave! I would highly recommend this trip and I hope that the Comenius projects continue over the years so that other people can take part in this amazing experience.

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