Comenius Trip to Amsterdam – By Elise Wright

Our trip to Amsterdam began at 6:30am on Monday 3rd November. Ten KEHS girls were driven to the airport, where we would meet up with the remaining four girls at 7:30. After a short 1 hour flight, we arrived at Schiphol Airport. We bought lunch, explored the airport and were introduced to the Italian and French exchanges before catching the train to Amsterdam and enduring a 20 minute walk to the Dutch school: OSB. The following welcome ceremony included introductions from each school, a performance by the OSB School Orchestra, and our first flash mob. At 4:15, we met with our hosts, and departed to their homes. I was hosted by a Dutch student named Fay, who was also hosting a French girl named Lea. I very much enjoyed the company of both Fay and Lea, and I am grateful that they helped make my stay in Amsterdam even better.

We explored the themes of the ‘Old City’, ‘The Golden Age’ and ‘Modern Times’ through workshops, walks around the city and visits to museums, whilst also including shopping time and a pancake party!

We performed our flash mob dance one last time, before saying goodbye to all our new friends (although we are have all still kept in contact) and getting the flight back to Birmingham. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Amsterdam and would recommend the beautiful city and the opportunity to meet new friends that this Comenius exchange supplied.

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