Comenius Trip to Amsterdam – 3rd-6th November 2014 – By Shriya A. Sanghera

On a cold and early November morning, thirteen KEHS girls from both U4th and L5th along with Miss Dyke, Miss Plant and Dr Tedd, departed from Birmingham Airport beginning our Comenius trip to Amsterdam. The Comenius Project involves 4 schools from 4 diverse places in Europe: Birmingham, England, Lyon, France, Rome, Italy and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For each project, the four groups meet up every 6 months, and the meetings are hosted by each city. The theme of the current project is C. I. T. I. E. S.

Upon arriving at Schipol airport, we caught the train to the school in Amsterdam where the meeting would be held. This was the first opportunity to meet our fellow students from the project and we all participated in an entertaining welcoming ceremony. Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. That evening we returned home with our Dutch host pupils, giving us the chance to get to know them better and perhaps even improve our Dutch!

The next morning we rendezvoused at the school and were presented a workshop in which we studied the old and new maps and layout of the city of Amsterdam which prepared us for the historical walk of the old city later in the day. During the walk, we visited the Scheepvaartmuseum, a maritime museum, which was really interesting.

On the Wednesday morning, we took part in another workshop where we learned about the Golden Age and the history of Amsterdam. Later in the day, after a another insightful walk, we visited the highly renowned Rijksmuseum. It was full of beautiful and amazing paintings. Finally, we had reached our last day in Amsterdam, which was a very emotional day for all of us. After an exciting and practical workshop, we went on a bus tour and visited two mills and the Museum Genaal de Cruquius, which contained the biggest steam engine ever built! After this, we returned to the school and bid our emotional farewells to all the wonderful friends we had made on the trip. I really enjoyed the Comenius trip and it provided a great insight into the city of Amsterdam. I am very excited for the Birmingham meeting in March 2015!

Thank you to Dr Tedd, Miss Dyke and Miss Plant for accompanying us on this brilliant trip.

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