Extreme Physics Day One

Alicia Wakeling, Ellen Miller, Alice Handy and Katie Hayton have arrived at the Extreme Physics.

This morning, we had a treasure hunt as the first challenge, and we managed to get all the clues, taking us on a trip of the huge Rugby campus. Lunch was next, followed by another challenge, making a one minute timer. Unfortunately, ours didn’t work, however it has worked bang on one minute in the practice, which was rather annoying!

We have had one individual challenge, which I [Katie] did, focussing on hand-eye coordination and we won this.

Right now, we are preparing a presentation for day three, which is worth double marks. Our topic is ‘heat and temperature’, we are planning to involve lots of chocolate 😉

We are winning on points at the moment, on thirty eight, beating the joint seconds by four points. We have also won two rosettes, one for teamwork and one for achievement, [yellow and blue]

Looking forward to our next challenge later, the signalling challenge.



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  1. Alice HandyApril 2, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    Day one really was extreme! We were constantly working, doing half of our challenges in one day, however having so much fun at the same time!!!!! The signalling was really fun, especially as we had such a original code. Most of credit must be given to Alicia for her solving the anagram at an amazing speed.
    Day one also included a lecture on ‘Surviving a Nuclear Attack’. We learned a lot including, wearing sunglasses, wrapping your self in foil, or hiding in a lead lined fridge, all will increase your chances of surviving a nuclear attack!
    Really was a great day!!!

  2. sarah evansApril 21, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    This all sounds so tremendous!

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