Welcome to the Physics Department

Physics is great in the classroom. It’s seeking to understand why or how the world is. There are the big questions such as: What happened before time began? How will the Universe end? What will happen when the sun runs out of hydrogen? There are smaller questions: Why do we get rainbows? (Answered in Thirds.) Why do we use dangerous high voltage power lines? (Answered in Upper Fifth.) How do 3D films work? (Lower Sixth)

But Physics is even better outside the classroom. Dropping bottles filled with water to show pressure (Upper Fourth), running up stairs to work out the power produced by our own bodies (Lower Fifth) and firing rockets on the school field (Sixth Form and others) are all ways to see Physics in everyday life. Lastly, we learn from our times away: Comenius, trips to Mars, Extreme Physics, Engineering days…. Life never stops and Physics never ceases.


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